Pushing for a higher Farm Gate price and supporting other farms has been a driving force in the continued growth of Inglenook.  We are striving for sustainability for our local suppliers.

With a strong local  dairy connection with Basil's family Lynette & Lance Greenwood  are working with us and is the perfect fit for a great high quality dairy product that consumers will notice .

We hope that Lynette & Lance Greenwood and Family  will be the first of many local Dairies that supply Inglenook Dairy with milk from their cows in the near future as more and more customers want to consume our product.

So when you purchase Inglenook Dairy products from your local store or drink a coffee for our customers that use our products, know your investing in the sustainability of the dairy industry and to those who really need the support.

Thank you for your support , keep visiting our website or keep an eye on our social pages to see where your investments are going and any updates on new suppliers.

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