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Inglenook Dairy was established for two simple reasons, to offer a top quality product that was lacking in the market and sustainability.  Troy and Rachael Peterken, owners of Inglenook Dairy are both very passionate about the Dairy Industry and its sustainability.


It all began from a conversation in the Shed one Friday night.  The talk of falling milk prices and sustainabilty, and it roller coasted from there.  At this the naivety was bliss as we didn’t even know what Pasteurising was.  Troy designed the factory and managed whole project with the help of Rachael, Gina (Rachael’s sister), Sheila (Rachael’s Mother), Nicole (Rachael’s sister) and Nathan MacDonald (Rachael’s Brother-in-law. The project took two years to construct. As funds were very tight we had to do most of the work ourselves. The project had its ups and down but all in all it has been a wonderful challenging experience. Our parents Basil and Sheila have been an incredible support to us through this whole journey. Our dad has always said “you can do anything if you are willing to get your hands dirty and work hard”.


We started processing and bottling milk in December 2011. We had no experience in marketing and business development but we are lucky to have receive overwhelming response from the media. We have been on the Ten News, The Project, Landline, The Age, The Epicure, Herald Sun, Stock and Land, The Courier, Ballarat Lifestyle magazine, Southern Rural News and a few others. Now we are distributing our milk products all across Victoria through Natures Cargo.

Nowadays, Inglenook Dairy is an established name in the Dairy Industry.  Inglenook Dairy has earned a reputation for the quality of their produce and has a respected name in the dairy industry. Inglenook Dairy have won many awards such as, Paddock to Plate Best Business, Champion Milk in Royal Melbourne Fine Food Award, Gold in DIAA and selected in top three milks in Australia in the 2016 Australian Grand Dairy Award.

Inglenook Dairy’s exciting new milk line has been developed from a growing need to cater for well informed consumers who are demanding natural milk free of additives that tastes the way milk should.