Why Inglenook Dairy?

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Milk has always been an important part of a balanced diet and a natural source of all of the essential nutrients that contribute to a healthy diet.

Many challenges face today’s dairy industry and in recent years a trend has developed where processes and additives have been added to natural dairy products to make it look more appealing and last longer on the shelf. Milk is produced naturally, but by the time it arrives at the food store it has been changed. It starts out the healthy natural product that we imagine, but the things that are added and extracted during the packaging process ensure that it is no longer the same milk that came direct from the cow. Health minded consumers are now responding to extensive research and looking for a natural, additive free alternative.

Inglenook Dairy was established to offer a natural alternative to artificially enhanced dairy products found on the shelves of local outlets. Produced in Ballarat, our fresh milk is delivered to you straight from the farm.
Taste the Inglenook difference for yourself!